Navigation and Printing the Maps

Navigation: Simply go to the map at the bottom of the screen and use the Zoom capability.

Printing: Simply choose the option at the top of the screen above the Directions.  This will create a printable page.  Choose Print this page to get a printed version.

Navigation: The arrow is based upon Post Code and may be a little bit out.  Beware that if you click on the map then the arrow will appear in the middle of the square you click on.  Zoom capabilities are available just below the map.

Printing: This is a little tricky.  With Explorer - Right click on the beige background and choose Print.  This will ensure that the arrow is in the right place.  If you right click on the map then the map and arrow will be centered on where you click.  With Netscape Navigator - Click on the beige background and then choose Print Frame from the File Menu.